Ottumwa ends water conservation effort

Des Moines River as it runs through Ottumwa.

Ottumwa Water customers are being notified that the water conservation advisory has been lifted. Regular water use, including lawn irrigation and car washing, may resume. The nitrate levels in the Des Moines River have dropped below the maximum contaminant levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Ottumwa Water Works issued a conservation advisory on July 16. Nitrate levels in the Des Moines River had exceeded the EPA's maximum contaminant level of 10 parts per million (ppm) since May. Ottumwa Water Works was blending river water with reserve sources to keep Ottumwa's water well within safety requirements.

At this point the nitrate levels in the river are consistently near 8.5 ppm; within federal safety requirements. Ottumwa Water and Hydro is now utilizing water from the Des Moines River without needing to blend water from their reserves. The reserve water supplies are now replenishing.

Ottumwa Water and Hydro thanks everyone who made water conservation a priority this summer.