Ottumwa Farmer's Market kicks off its season

The Ottumwa Farmer's Market kicked off its season Wednesday at its new location.

The Farmer's Market formerly resided at the Quincy Place Mall and is now held at the Market on Main.

Produce such as radishes, rhubarbs, and onions are sold at the Farmer's Market.

Other items such as jams and noodles are available as well.

The produce is always fresh. Most of today's produce was harvested this morning.

Farmer's Market vendor, Andrea McDowell, said she expects the Farmer's Market to thrive as people familiarize themselves with the new location.

"This is our first one so it's slow starting in the new location, but it's not been too bad," said McDowell. "We look for it to pick up as people get used to the new location."

The Farmer's Market will be open Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings.