Ottumwa Fire Department participates in confined space rescue training

Ottumwa Firefighter Joshua Reynolds in action doing the confine space rescue training

On Tuesday, the Ottumwa Fire Department was busy at their training facility working on confined space rescue training.

The firefighters were being trained to be able to do technical rescues from tanks to vessels to trenches.

â??This is something we do annually. We work on all of our special opps stuff with high angle low angle rescue, confine space, trench rescue,â?? said Ottumwa Fire Chief Deputy Corey Benge.

This hands-on training was meant to be as true to life as an actual emergency situation.

â??This evacuation we did was using a tripod with some ropes that have a mechanical advantage that we would lower a rescuer down into a tank or vessel where he could package a patient and then haul the patient out,â?? said Steve Hergenreter, Occupational Safety Solutions.

Chief Deputy Benge said in the 10 years heâ??s been at the Ottumwa Fire Department, he hasnâ??t needed to use the confine space rescue training. However, he said firefighters must be ready for anything and that is why this training is so important.