Ottumwa Fire Department participates in real life training

The Ottumwa Fire Department got in some real life training on Friday.

A house on the corner of Wildwood and Chester was severely damaged in the strong storms last summer and had plans to be demolished; the Ottumwa Fire Department was able to use this house for fire training.

This gives the newer fire fighters a chance to practice real life scenarios.

â??They love it. Itâ??s the best training we can have. We got a build tower out at Indian Hills campus but this is so much better. Itâ??s actual fire in a house in a situation in which they will you know have to do,â?? said Assistant Fire Chief Bill Trout.

At the end of the training, the house was completely burned to the ground.

Assistant Chief Trout said they do this type of training one to two times a year. This is the first for 2013.

The owner of the house is working with minimum funds and resources in the rebuilding of her house. During the storms, the elderly owner of the house was rescued by neighbors when mold made it almost impossible to breathe.

If you would like more information on how to help, you can call the general contractor on the house James Jacob at (641) 799-8192.