Ottumwa firefighters practice second-story ladder rescue operations

Ottumwa Fire Department second-story fire repel training.

The Ottumwa Fire Department spent the morning practicing how to escape a second-story fire.

The crew set up a ladder leading to the second story window at an empty house located off E. Main and S. Walnut Streets in Ottumwa.

The firefighters are trained to come out the window head first. They hook their dominant arm on one of the rungs of the ladder, and use their other arm for balance until they are able to flip around and slide down the ladder. Firefighters say this is the safest and most efficient way to get out of a burning building.

â??We are doing some second story ladder rescue operations, so if somebody were to get trapped in a second story room and needed to get out, we would be able to get out as quickly and as safely as possible,â?? Joshua Reynolds, OFD Master Firefighter, said.

The OFD plans on using the same house for other training purposes in the future.