Ottumwa Generating Station is going green

A new emissions reduction plant is being constructed at the Ottumwa Generating Station.

$345 million, that is how much Alliant Energy is spending to built its new emissions reduction facility at the Ottumwa Generating Station.

"Well, this is a great project. Not only is it going to be great for jobs in the construction industry, but it is going to provide low cost, reliable energy, that can help us recruit more good manufacturing and food processing bio-science jobs," said Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

The plant is one of the largest in Iowa. It produces electricity from coal, powering nearly 700,000 homes. Officials say that three train loads of coal come to the plant each week for production. The coal for the facility comes from both Montana and Wyoming.

"This project as indicated is such a win-win for both Iowa's economy, as well as its environment," said Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds.

That is one thing both sides of the aisle agree on, diversifying Iowa's energy needs.

"Diversifying stations like this, that are generating power from coal, the new station in Marshalltown is going to be using gas, we have many solar panel, wind power stations going into effect in Iowa, so diversification to avoid relying on people overseas to power our needs, that don't particularly like us, is very important for our national security and our own economic well being," said State Representative Curt Hanson of Fairfield.

The project is expected to be completed in January 2015.