Ottumwa High School pro-active when dealing with bullying

For our Facebook Story of the Week, KTVOâ??s Facebook fans wanted to know more about how local schools deal with the topic of bullying.

KTVO spoke with Zach Wigle, Assistant Principal at Ottumwa High School about this topic, and what KTVO discovered is that administration at the school take a pro-active approach when it comes to bullying.

â??The number on priority is making sure students understand that if something is happening, we need to know about it,â?? Wigle said.

That is how administrators handle the topic of bullying at Ottumwa High School.

â??What we try to do is communicate to our students and our parents how to handle a bully situation if it is presented,â?? Wigle said.

There are several ways that students can report bullying, even if they are not the student being targeted.

â??Students can fill out a form online through our website. Students can come right into our office and relay information to us that way. Often times, they may confide in a teacher that they are close with, and then that teacher will come to us and then we will investigate from there,â?? Wigle said.

The assistant principal says that the staff at Ottumwa High School take this topic very seriously, but that they also take a pro-active approach when dealing with bullying situations.

â??Just like bullying, what we are trying to really teach these students is how to handle those situations the appropriate way. Weâ??ve implemented some things that will hopefully improve those student to student relationships,â?? Wigle said.

One big program that educators have implemented are the high schoolâ??s 10 Standards of Success.

â??Part of what we are doing with our 10 Standards of Success here at Ottumwa High School, is really trying to teach students what it means to be respectful, what it means to act a certain way in certain situations; and hopefully that will transcend to when a student it put in that type of situation, they will react in the appropriate way,â?? Wigle said.

Administrators say that they have seen a decrease in bullying at the high school within the past couple of years. As Wigle stated before, a lot of the can be attributed to the schools emphasis on treating others with respect, no matter what their background may be.