Ottumwa High School student arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism

UPDATE: The Ottumwa Police Department is still not releasing the details regarding Emily Six's arrest, but Chief Clark told KTVO Wednesday that they are in the process of investigating other students.

Thus far, Six is the only student being charged.

The Ottumwa School District is out on break until after the New Year. KTVO has not been able to get a statement.

O ttumwa Police Chief Jim Clark informed KTVO Friday, that Ottumwa High School student Emily Kay Six was arrested for "Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism."

According to Chief Clark, on Thursday, the department finished its investigation after, "...a student notified school officials that Six was soliciting other students to help her carry out a plan to harm a number of students at the High School."

In the state of Iowa, "Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism" is a violation of Chapter 706.1/708.1(3) and is a Class 'D' Felony.

Chief Clark says that Six was transported to a juvenile detention facility.

Chief Jim Clark stated, The staff at each school campus has been diligent at establishing an environment where students feel safe and confident that they can go to an adult when they hear things that could compromise their safety or the safety of others. Without having developed that environment, this incident could have ended in tragedy. I also want to reiterate that both the school district and the police department take all threats seriously and we will continue to work side-by-side to ensure a safe campus for students, staff, and visitors.

KTVO reached out to the Ottumwa Community School District for a response to this story, we are still waiting for an official response.