Ottumwa Job Corps gets feedback from the Department of Labor

The Ottumwa Job Corps has received its first ever evaluation from the Department of Labor.

Job Corps Learning Coordinator Connie Wilson says the DOL gave a great review to the center.

Wilson stopped by Ottumwa's Market on Main Thursday afternoon to visit with some trainees who now work at the new non-profit organization.

â??I have a lot of friends on center, and I do a lot of stuff to help people. Also here at Market on Main I do a lot of work. I talk with a lot of people it's pretty good,â?? said Justin Massey, an Ottumwa Jobs Corps student.

â??They have a multitude of task and duties customer service being one of the priorities, and so I come and down about once a week or so and check on the, and see how things are going and ask the vendors are they doing a good job for you, and it also gives the community an opportunity to meet a typical job corps student,â?? said Wilson.

Now the Ottumwa Job Corps will focus on the critiques they received from the Department of Labor.

They told Job Corps to keep learning-based partners coming in and to keep expanding its services.