Ottumwa Kohl's on schedule to open in September

Kohl's is on schedule to open in September in Ottumwa.

Construction on the soon-to-be Kohl's building in Ottumwa is so far on schedule and rapidly progressing.

The last time

KTVO checked in on construction

, the basic framing and walls were just being started. Since April, huge progress has been made.

"The building is close to being finished, they'll be stocking inventory for a month and they're still on schedule to open the second half of September, which was their original schedule," said Joe Helfenberger, Ottumwa City Administrator.

The drought has negatively impacted many jobs in the area, but one it actually helps is construction. The lack of rain has made it easier to continue work on the building.

"We don't like the drought situation and it has a negative impact on a lot of people and one of the few things that is helpful is the construction season," Helfenberger said. "It makes it easier for that without having rain, but we certainly need the rain, as much as we can get right now."

Helfenberger said the city is looking forward to Kohl's filling in what he calls a "retail leak" in the area, and hopes the store is just one of many that will attract shoppers to Ottumwa, and keep residents here shopping local.