Ottumwa Leadership Academy hear from area education leaders

The Ottumwa Leadership Academy's session on Thursday focused on education

Itâ??s nearing the end of the first year of the Ottumwa Leadership Academy and Thursday the academy had their last full formal session.

The topic of discussion was education.

The participants heard from a panel of post secondary and secondary education leaders which included IHCCâ??s President Jim Lindenmayer and Himar Hernandez from ISU Extension.

What type of economic impact education has on the community and how to keep young people in the region was the main focus of the discussion.

Leadership Academy members started the morning off out at the Job Corps campus taking a tour of the facilities and speaking with its trainees.

â??Iâ??m actually a Job Corps employee so I really loved just showing it off to our community members and it was really effective I think. They got to learn a little bit more, our leadership group, got to learn a little bit more about what Job Corps is and how we can impact our community by educating these trainees,â?? said Abby Conrad, Leadership Academy member.

The next session of the Ottumwa Leadership Academy will focus on presentation skills and soon after, the participants will have their graduation.