Ottumwa locals start Easter off with a drama

The story of Easter is one of mystery, intrigue, betrayal, murder and love. The Hickory Grove Community Church in Ottumwa acted the story out with a play. The actors and crew have been rehearsing for about a month and although nervous, a couple of them told us what to expect in the play as well as why they love the Easter holiday.

"This is one of the best holidays ever because it's the beginning of spring and everybody dresses in really pretty dresses and they have fun. And the meaning of Easter is magnificent and I think everyone should share and know that, said Ashley Lathrop.

Another actress told us about the play itself and gave us a little insight in what we could expect.

"It's a parable from The Bible, it's about the woman who is going to be stoned to death but Jesus intercepts and her life was saved," said Shiloh Seim.

The play unfolded in front of a packed house and it was an enjoyable morning for all who participated.