Ottumwa Police Department ready for camera upgrades

The Ottumwa Police Department is ready for an upgrade on its current in-car camera system.

The purchase of a server and related computer equipment for its digital recording system is on the City Councilâ??s agenda for Tuesday.

The in-car cameras are anywhere from five to eight-years-old and many do not function anymore.

Ottumwa Police officials said these cameras vital pieces of equipment for evidentiary purposes.

â??If we stop someone for drunk driving we'll have the people do the sobriety test in front of the vehicles so it's recorded on the in-car camera. Also the officers all have remote microphones on them so everything they do is recorded so if we do get a complaint we can review the tape and if we don't have video then at least we can have audio,â?? said Chief Jim Clark, Ottumwa Police Department.

Instead of purchasing all new equipment, the department plans on upgrading some of the equipment they currently have, saving upwards of $25,000.

The total estimated cost for the upgrades will be $55-$60,000.