Ottumwa Police Department releases crime report

The Ottumwa Police Department has released its annual crime report for 2013.

The police department responded to about 63,500 activities last year.

These activities ranged from traffic stops, fights, or simply removing debris from the roadway.

The total amount of incidents investigated went up about seven percent.

Officers arrested 3,899 subjects during the past year. This figure is up 3.3 percent from last year.

Theft was the most reported crime with 833 cases being reported.

Chief of Police Tom McAndrew said overall, crime has stayed the same over the last several years.

"There have been small decreases over about the last six years," said McAndrew. "However, different groups committing crimes in our community can sway the numbers. Also, the definition of what a crimes is has changed over the years. So when you start comparing numbers it's pretty difficult to actually determine if crime is going up or down."

The second-most reported crime was burglary with 288 cases.