Ottumwa Police Department sees quiet Christmas

It was an uneventful Christmas for the Ottumwa Police Department on, and they're hoping the upcoming New Year's holiday is just as quiet.

Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew said Christmas went by with very few incidents.

He said not many crimes or accidents were reported and that it was no busier than a normal day on the job.

The police department now has their sights focused on New Year's.

McAndrew said the New Year's holiday is usually quiet as well because many people have plans and are out traveling.

He said he might have and additional one or two officers working the holiday.

The issue of drinking and driving, however, is always one that presents itself during major holidays.

McAndrew said this isn't usually an issue for Ottumwans because they do a good job of implementing designated drivers.

"Just remind people to make plans so that if they're drinking alcohol, they designate a driver," said McAndrew. "Basically, have fun but use good judgment."

If a designated driver cannot be arranged, there are plenty of taxi options throughout the area.