Ottumwa Police Department spent morning responding to another winter blast

OPD spent the morning responding to another winter blast.

The Ottumwa Police Department spent Monday morning responding to another winter blast.

The ice and snow required residents to spend some extra time scraping their windshields. Police only responded to one car accident Monday morning. It took place in a parking lot on Gateway Drive. Sgt. Blake Lefler says while the weather looked nasty, it could have been worse.

â??With the sleet for some reason, the roads [didnâ??t] seem to be as slick as they have been in the past,â?? Sgt. Lefler said. â??With snow and ice, the snow for some reason gives it a little bit more traction just because it's got more of a gritty feel to it, so it hasn't been as bad today as most people would expect, but i think with the snow falling on top of it, and the rising temps, that melt and refreeze could cause some issues over the next 24 hours.â??

By mid-afternoon all the snow was melted and roads were clear, but police remind residents to look out for black ice at night as roads refreeze.