Ottumwa police remind residents not to drink and drive

Ottumwa Police remind residents not to drink and drive

This New Year's Eve, the Ottumwa Police Department is reminding residents to be safe on this holiday and to never get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

Sgt. Rachel Thompson says there will be one extra police officer on duty Tuesday night patrolling the streets, but they can always call for backup if need be. Thompson says normally there aren't typically a lot of drinking and driving incidents in the City of Bridges on New Year's Eve, but tonight she is reminding residents of the consequences of drinking and driving.

â??Some of the consequences include harming someone else, harming yourself if you get into a car accident,â?? Sgt. Thompson said. â??Others are if you get caught drinking and driving, it's expensive. You will be arrested for drinking and driving. The fees are expensive. Getting out of jail is expensive. Thereâ??s just a lot riding on it. You lose your license depending on the timeframe. There are just a lot of negatives to drinking and driving.â??

She says to arrange a designated driver ahead of time whether it be a friend who chooses not to consume alcohol or to call a cab. Here are links and contact information to a couple taxi services in town:

R & B Taxi (641)-682-1858

Ottumwa Cab (641)-682-5461