Ottumwa Public Library announces new e-book database for children

The Ottumwa Public Library is utilizing technology in an effort to help children read.

The library has recently subscribed to a new service for the community called "Tumble Books".

Through the service, Ottumwans will be able to access children's e-books, play learning games, and have books read aloud to them 24/7.

The Tumble Book Library contains TumbleBooks--animated talking picture books, Read Alongs--chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration but no animation, Tumble TV--preset playlists of a sequence of books, and Tumble Puzzles and Games.

Ottumwa Public Library Director, Sonja Ferrell, said this service provides children a fun way to learn.

"It's not just you watching a cartoon or a movie," said Ferrell. "It's more automatically changing the pages of the book so that they're still getting the reading skills, but at the same time are being entertained."

Tumble Books can be accessed through any reading device that has an internet connection such as an Ipad or a Nook