Ottumwa Public Works deals with more snow, potholes

<font size="2">To report a pothole, you can contact the Public Works office at 641-684-2180.</font>

Ottumwa continues to clean up after another snowfall over the weekend.

The snow ordinance has now been lifted. Two large plows continued to clean the roads into Monday afternoon. There have now been nearly 20 snowfalls this season in the City of Bridges. Public Works Superintendent Steve Edgington says the more money the city spends on snow, the less money there will be to spend on the next issue to repair new potholes.

â??We are gonna see a lot of potholes," Edgington said. â??We have a lot of frost boils up there where it caused the pavement to heave when that pavement goes down or it starts to thaw out it creates potholes. anytime you get moisture underneath the pavement it freezes and then thaws and freezes, it keeps popping out potholes, so we're gonna be very busy once it starts warming up to address them all.â??

The Public Works Department responds to potholes that pose immediate danger first. The rest are put on a waiting list. To report a pothole, you can contact the Public Works office at 641-684-2180.