Ottumwa RC Flyers fly high in Bridgeview Center

RC Airplanes buzzed and whizzed Tuesday evening at the Bridgeview Center as the Ottumwa RC Flyers Club participated in an open house.

The event was held from 6 to 10 p.m. and was an opportunity for the club to hone their flying skills during the winter months before flying season starts in May.

The club was offered chances to fly in smaller gyms but jumped at the chance to practice in a larger venue like the Bridgeview Center.

Many members look at the club as a chance to enjoy their hobbies, but the club also gives back to the community with its volunteer work.

Earlier this year, they held a Wounded Warriors fly-in which clubs from all over the U.S. participated in.

The club raised $1,000 and all proceeds were given to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Dave Rabe, Treasurer of the Ottumwa RC Flyers, said this fundraising effort began in Ottumwa.

"Incidentally, this club is where the idea came from this year," said Rabe. "Joe Wilson presented it to AMA headquarters and from there it just grew and we're very happy that our club got this event started."

The Ottumwa RC Flyers hold trainer nights throughout the summer to help people get involved in flying radio-controlled planes.