Ottumwa Regional Airport supervisor retires

Tom Francis and his wife

After three decades of employment with the City of Ottumwa, the beloved supervisor of Ottumwa Regional Airport is retiring.

The city held a farewell reception for Tom Francis Friday afternoon. Francis worked at the fire department for one year, and has been involved with the maintenance and operations at Ottumwa Regional the past 29 years. He says he plans to spend his retirement getting work done around the house, traveling with his wife and living life to the fullest.

â??Well I've been looking forward to this for a while now,â?? Francis said. â??When I started here, it seemed like 30 years to retirement seemed like a long time. I'd never get there, but here I am.â??

Ottumwa City Administrator Joe Helfenberger presented a certificate to Francis, thanking him for all his hard work including creating jobs.

Francis says the accomplishments he's most proud of in his career are the improvements made at the airport in the past 10 years. He told KTVO, he plans to stay involved in the community and looks forward to seeing the airport continue to expand and improve under new leadership.