Ottumwa Regional cuts ribbon at new walk-in clinic

Ottumwa Regional Health Center's Walk-In Clinic ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday afternoon

Ottumwa Regional Health Center held the official ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon at its new walk-in clinic located in the Quincy Place Plaza.

When Ottumwa Regional Health Center CEO Phil Dionne took this position last year, he realized there was a definite need for additional access to the health care system in Ottumwa.

â??The intent behind it is to provide an alternative to the emergency department which is often very busy and stacked up with critically injured patients. Here, for bumps and bruises, patients can come in and be seen in a relatively short time frame and if they needed additional care, referred on,â?? said Dionne.

The cost of the walk-in clinic was around $250,000.

â??â?¦and the hospital over the years had looked at this but nobody was really in the position to move forward. With Regional Care being here and, its commitment to community, we had the fundings available and decided to start moving forward last fall,â?? said Dionne.

The clinic is expected to open sometime in June to the public.