Ottumwa Regional Health Center hosts open house

Ottumwa Regional Health Center's Wound Care Health and Hyperbaric Center open house

The Ottumwa Regional Health Center hosted an open house Monday afternoon in their Wound Care Health and Hyperbaric Center.

Several medical sales vendors traveled from across the state and set up displays to showcase different products and machines the ORHC uses for tending to patientâ??s wounds. The open house had items ranging from anything like dressing supplies and skin care products, to wound vacuums and artificial skin grafts. Speas says the open house also was a good way to educate people in the community and remind doctors about the products they are utilizing to help heal chronic wounds.

â??We want to educate the patients that are at the hospital right now that may be they come up here, and they see we do have a wound center,â?? Diana Speas, Wound Health and Hyperbaric Center Clinical Coordinator said. â??You don't have to go to Des Moines or Iowa City to get that specialized care that you think you need, and you can get it right here in Ottumwa.â??

Speas says if you do have a bad wound that doesn't heal for two or more weeks, it could be a sign of another underlying health issue and suggests getting it checked out by a doctor.