Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation presents at special city council meeting

The Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation gave a presentation at tonight's special city council meeting.

President Brad Little explained to the new city council members what the Legacy Foundation does. In the three years and three months it's been around, the non-profit organization has invested $6.5 million into the community. The Legacy Foundation's main objectives are jobs, education, revitalizing downtown, infrastructure and housing, and leadership.

â??Our biggest accomplishment has been the Leadership Academy,â?? Little said. â??That was a big commitment. Weâ??ve graduated several folks last year; weâ??ve got another 20 or so in it this year. Itâ??s gotten corporate sponsors. Weâ??ve gotten great reception from the community as weâ??ve rolled this out.â??

Next, the Legacy Foundation plans to focus on a Riverfront Renaissance project. That consists of extending Ottumwa's Central Park down Court Street to the Des Moines River.