Ottumwa resident stuck in St. Thomas: "I'm basically being held hostage in my own country"

Amy Cash is an Ottumwa resident currently working in Saint Thomas as a travelling nurse./Facebook.

Ottumwa resident Amy Cash is a travelling nurse currently working in Saint Thomas. She’s been there for a few months, and is now braving the harsh realities of Hurricane Irma.

KTVO got the chance to speak with Cash Monday afternoon. She says the island is almost completely destroyed.

Cash told us Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean ships were sent to the island as part of a rescue relief effort on behalf of the Virgin Islands Government. But, she was not allowed on the ship and says she feels like a hostage in her own country.

“I’ve come here to work and this is part of the United States of America – it’s a territory of the United States. I’m a U.S. citizen. I was turned away because I am not a tourist and I am not allowed to get on one of those ships,” Cash said.

Cash says things have gone from bad to worse on the island. People have started robbing their neighbors out of desperation for food and water.

She encourages people to donate and help in whatever way they can.

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