Ottumwa residents concerned after several cats go missing

Oreo has been missing since May 9.

At least three residents on Ottumwaâ??s Southside have cats that have gone missing within the same 24 hour period.

Ottumwa resident Roger Borrorr's cat Oreo went missing last Friday. Now he is posting pictures around the community and via Facebook asking if anyone has seen his beloved pet. Two other residents who live on Ottumwaâ??s Southside had cats go missing around the same time. Borror says his cat has never run away before and he hopes no one is going around stealing cats as some are speculating.

"It sounds pretty weird, you know, a lot of cats are missing in the same area you know," he said. "Usually my cat he'll wonder off and back in the night if i call him he'll come running across the street or whereever. He's always home. He's about 2-years-old, so he knows his way around."

If you have seen Oreo around town, you are asked to contact the cat's owner at (641)-799-0444. KTVO attempted to contact the Ottumwa Animal Control officer for more on this missing cat trend, but we have been unable to reach him.