Ottumwa residents learn results of community survey

Ottumwa residents turned out Thursday afternoon to hear the results of a community health survey.

That survey was conducted by members of the Ottumwa Community Advisory Board. Questions in the survey helped to measure the overall quality of life for those living in the area.

It also looked at the amount of physical activity residents participate in. A large number of residents who were surveyed reported no leisure physical activity.

Almost 30 percent of those who participated in the survey did not meet the recommended level of physical activity. Now, the Advisory Board is working to come up with ideas to get Ottumwa residents to become more active.

"We really want to focus on sort of promoting healthy lifestyles in the community which will be helpful for many, many different problems in the community," said Barbara Baquero, of the Ottumwa Community Advisory Board.

Right now, members of the Ottumwa Community Advisory Board are planning to share the survey results at more meetings. Next, they hope to invite businesses and different organizations to help get the community more active and healthy.