Ottumwa residents show off their bulldog pride

Ottumwa residents are eager to show off their bulldog pride.

The high school cheerleaders are taking orders from the community to have paw prints painted on sidewalks and driveways.

The prints come in a small size (1.5 feet in diameter) for five dollars and a large size (3.5 feet in diameter) for ten dollars, in either red or white.

The squad has continued this fundraiser each year to bring the Ottumwa community and its schools together, and to promote team bonding among the girls.

â??The girls really enjoy it,â?? said Heather Swanstrom, Assistant Cheerleading Coach. â??Itâ??s a long three days of painting and stenciling and driving around town but itâ??s also a way for us to bond together. A lot of the cheerleaders are new or theyâ??re veterans and theyâ??ve done this before, so itâ??s a way for everyone to join together.â??

The money raised will support the cheerleaders for camp fees and new gear.

The painting will be completed Wednesday, July 30th through Friday, August 1st.

Contact Info: Debb Kent: 660-683-4444 (ext. 1212)

For orders, leave yourâ?¦

- Name

- Address,

- Phone number

- How many paw prints

- Paw print size

- Location

- Color choice