Ottumwa roundabout safety questioned

Although an accident involving a semi carrying a load of hogs that tipped over to its side on Monday raised concerns about the safety of the Ottumwa roundabout where it happened, Ottumwa Mayor Tom Lazio says it is generally a safe intersection. He says the semis that do tip are usually traveling through the roundabout too fast and are carrying shifting loads which cause them to flip.

Another semi carrying methanol flipped on the same intersection earlier this summer.

"I think they are generally accepted across the country as safe and reliable and they allow traffic to continue to flow, you don't have to stop so I just think they are going to be more and more of our future as I've been travelling around the Midwest I've seen more cities move into traffic roundabouts," said Mayor Lazio.

According to the mayor, stoplights are expensive to both install and maintain. Traffic also moves faster because vehicles generally do not have to stop as long as at a stoplight. He reminds drivers to slow down, look both ways, and to use safe driving practices.