Ottumwa Salvation Army lights up tree to show fundraising progress

With two weeks left to go in the Salvation Army ringing season, the group held an annual event to help reach their goal.

The lighting of the tree of lights was held this afternoon at the Ottumwa Fire Department Central Station.

A Christmas tree along with the goal for donations is displayed outside the fire department. The lights will be lighting up as the Salvation Army progresses in reaching its goal.

Captain Ruth Gibbons of the Ottumwa Salvation Army said this event is a great way to drum up interest in their cause.

"Well, as people drive by I'd like to see them look at the tree to see what the goal is and how close we're getting to it," said Gibbons. "Maybe that will help them realize that they're part of that goal and they're the ones that make it happen, and so we're really excited about today."

The Ottumwa Salvation Army has currently received $25,000 worth of donations with a goal of $106,000.