Ottumwa Salvation Army to cut senior meal program

Ottumwa Salvation Army

The Ottumwa Salvation Army will no longer be a provider of congregate and home delivered meals through their Meals on Wheels program.

The decision was announced after this week's Ottumwa Advisory Board meeting. Capitan Ruth Gibbons says she had hoped recent meal rate increases would help curb mounting debt. The Salvation Army is working closely with community partners to assure home-bound seniors continue to receive meals.

â??We understand that this is a very important program and nobody feels the weight of this decision more than those of us who have served this program,â?? Gibbons said. â??We would like to see that it would be continued in the community that another agency would be able to take it on whose soul focus was this problem to really make that a goal and work for them whereas for us because there are so many different directions that we need to go in to help the community meet their needs more, the salvation army felt that this was a program that at this point in time, we would have to terminate our contract.â??

The program will cease operations May 30.