Ottumwa school board discusses sale of Wildwood Elementary

Concerned Ottumwa High School softball fans made their presence felt Wednesday at a community meeting.

The district met with over 50 citizens to discuss the possible sale of Wildwood Elementary School.

Frantz Community Investments is one company that is interested in purchasing the historic school, and their plans for the property would include converting it to apartments.

Supporters of the softball program were concerned that might mean the end of Huston Field.

The field, named after legendary OHS Softball Coach Frank Huston, is part of the Wildwood property, but it turns out fans didn't have much to worry about after all. The Ottumwa School Board made it clear that getting rid of the field isn't part of the plan.

â??I know future school boards or something at that point may make a decision on that, but I would say right now with the tradition that has been built there, the quality of the program, and the coaching and parents and everything, and the community and how important it is to them. Yeah, I don't see anything in the near future happening to that,â?? said David Weilbrenner, a member of the Ottumwa School Board.

So the home of the bulldogs is safe, at least for now. As for the building, no matter who purchases it, the start of construction will still be months away.