Ottumwa School District wants to hear from parents

If you have a son or daughter at Ottumwa High School, the school district wants to hear from you.

About a year and a half ago, the district was awarded a Safe and Supportive Schools grant. Since then, a lot of changes have been made to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment at Ottumwa High School, including painting the walls red and white, implementing the Standards of Success and holding a block party to welcome students at the start of the school year.

These ideas came from a student, parent and faculty committee to generate these ideas.

Now that these changes have been made, a survey will check in again with parents, to see if the district has grown and goals have been met.

"The biggest benefit to this that we're hoping to gain is just that feeling that every student - each and every student - has a sense of belonging at Ottumwa High School and that they have good relationships with their peers, good relationships with the faculty and staff," said Davis Eidhal, Superintendent of the Ottumwa School District.

The survey is for parents of OHS students only - and you can find it through the school district's website here.

If you are signed up for the district's Ed Alert! system, you'll receive a notification to your e-mail as well.