Ottumwa Schools Superintendent speaks about severe weather policies

On Tuesday KTVO spoke to the Ottumwa Community Schools District Superintendent about the districtâ??s severe weather policy in light of the tornado in Oklahoma City.

Superintendent Davis Eidahl said every school in the district is required to have a two tornado drills each semester, so at least four per year.

The drills consist of practicing routines and where to go to ensure that students are prepared for severe weather.

â??Well you know we have, since you know Parkersburg, what they experienced a few summers ago, not near as tragic as happening during a school year losing children but we do review our plans and we do look through those and we do take lessons from how that wind comes into the building and things like that. And when we designed our new Liberty Elementary School, severe weather was in mind when we designed this building also,â?? said Eidahl.

Eidahl said he believes every student should be able to go home and tell their parents exactly what their school plan is in case of a severe weather emergency.