Ottumwa sees little change in 2013 crime stats

The Ottumwa Police Department released the city's crime statistics for 2013 and for the most part, the story remained largely the same.

There were no drastic increases or decreases in crime in the City of Bridges, resulting in what Police Chief Tom McAndrew calls "a mediocre year."

The only noticeable difference came in Part I Index Crimes, which includes rape. McAndrew said that's because the FBI changed the definition of what is considered a Part I Index Crime and therefore included more crimes under that classification.

The one item the department will focus on in 2014 is drunk driving.

"In 2013, we had an all-time low OWI arrest rate," Chief McAndrew said. "This year, we hope to increase our OWI enforcement and just see if more people are not driving intoxicated, or if it's an enforcement issue."

McAndrew said the nationwide trend is a decrease in homicides, thanks to improved response and treatment, but a rise in other violent crime. Therefore, in 2014, the OPD will keep an eye on aggravated assaults as a good indicator of the city's crime level as a whole.