Ottumwa to apply larvicide to control mosquito population

The City of Ottumwa Health and Inspections Department will be placing larvicide on public property that contains standing water between July 9th and July 18th, as weather permits. The larvicide helps control mosquito populations by destroying mosquito larva before they hatch. The larvicide will not be placed in any bodies of water that may contain fish.

Controlling the mosquito population is an important step in fighting insect infestation and the spread of mosquito borne diseases such as West Nile virus. Residents that have questions or concerns about the larvicide application can contact the City Health & Inspections Department at (641) 683-0610 or stop by Room 204 at City Hall.

All residents are encouraged to help reduce the exposure to mosquitoes by draining standing water on their properties. Emptying unused buckets, covering stored tires, and weekly cleaning of birdbaths are good ways to reduce mosquito breeding grounds.

In addition to clearing out standing water, wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants, especially at dusk and dawn, can help reduce exposure. Insect repellents containing permethrin or 35% DEET, applied to clothing can also help reduce the risk.