Ottumwa Trails Council paving the way

The trail would stretch 127 feet connecting the park system to the levee system

The Ottumwa Trails Council is currently working on funding for a half-million dollar project they hope will come to fruition.

They would like to put an underpass underneath Highway 34 located just past the dog park and across from the Greater Ottumwa Park. They would do this by inserting a box culvert.

The paved trail would stretch 127 feet between the two sides and connect the park system to the levee system.

Trail Council members said there are many advantages to this project.

â??Just access for the campers to the theater to the restaurant on the other side. It opens up another three miles of trail for trail users so if youâ??re a biker especially, you know, that would give you an opportunity to go across the highway, loop through the park, come back. It also gives you a north-south point that's safe,â?? said Kim Hellige, Ottumwa Trails Council.