Ottumwa Vet Clinic wants to be rezoned

The Ottumwa Vet Clinic wants to rezone their clinic from R-1 Residential to C-1 Retail Business District.

Itâ??s been located on N. Court St. since 1985. The Ottumwa Vet Clinic currently resides on 4/10 of an acre and is in Zone R-1 Residential.

However, owners want their zoning specification to change.

They would like it to be rezoned as C-1 Retail Business District.

This would allow for the business to physically expand on the current property.

Ottumwa City Administrator Joe Helfenberger said with the current zoning, the business is not allowed to do certain things.

â??One is if it would burn down or be damaged more than 50%, they would be not be allowed to rebuild. The second is anything you do, a change like an expansion of the business which he's looking to do, he would not be allowed to do that either due to the present zoning,â?? said Helfenberger.

Helfenberger said neighbors have no problem with the vet clinic but some are concerned as to what else might potentially be there in the future.

The Ottumwa City Council will be considering the second reading of the ordinance to rezone the clinic at Tuesdayâ??s City Councilâ??s meeting.