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      Ottumwa Water and Hydro fights more water main breaks

      Early Tuesday morning, crews located one water main break near the railroad tracks off Iowa Ave. and Main Street.

      The first shift at Cargill was cancelled since its water had to be shut off. Ottumwa Water and Hydro's General Manager Mike Heffernan believes this to be the cause of the significant loss of water last week. The city's system was losing more than two million gallons per day. Residents were asked to conserve water as a precaution.

      â??We had difficulty finding them,â?? Heffernan said. â??We found a couple Thursday night on Williams Street and Ash Street. We found a couple more over the weekend on N. Marion and Caldwell Street, and then this morning, we received notice that the water main on Iowa Ave. between Main and around the railroad tracks was leaking, so we had to shut down the water out there.â??Crews are now assessing the break on Iowa Ave. to learn if any damage has occurred under the tracks. The water system is now stabilized.