Ottumwa YMCA encourages making positive affirmations when it comes to fitness goals

Ottumwa YMCA weight room

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to focus on your health and fitness goals.

Staffers at the Ottumwa YMCA are focused on helping members and guests stick to their New Yearâ??s resolutions through the Y's â??New Year, New You" program. Through this 14-week plan to be healthier, YMCA Executive Director Tom Sisler says it's all about making positive affirmations for the future, but most importantly accepting where you are right now.

â??A couple things are really key,â?? he said. â??One, making them feel good about themselves right now. That's really what we all need to do is just take a look at where we are right now and say, yeah maybe I can be healthier in my life, and how do I do that? The second thing I think is taking small steps. Donâ??t try to do it all at one time or all in one week or one month. Itâ??s gonna be a lifestyle change. Itâ??s gonna be a way to move forward from this point on.â??

The "New Year, New You" program begins on Jan. 6 and will run until April 15. The program includes a before and after health assessment, guidance and support from Hy-Vee Dietitian Debbie Guild and two personal training sessions.

It costs $20.14 for members and $120.14 for non-members. For more information contact Kathy Sisler at (641)-684-6571, extension 26.