Ottumwa YMCA rededicated as International Peace Site

The Ottumwa YMCA celebrated its 125th anniversary of serving the Ottumwa community on Wednesday.

The Ottumwa YMCA opened in 1887 and since has had several locations.

The celebration was held at its current location and many community members attended to show their support for the years of services the YMCA has provided to the city of Ottumwa.

Not only was it a celebration of 125 years, but the YMCA also was declared an International Peace Site where there is now a â??Peace Poleâ?? that stands in the front.

â??What we want to do is to say that the YMCA is a place of peace and it promotes peace. It welcomes everybody to come and celebrate being themselves, whether it's healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. We just want people to come together and we want to make that statement here in Ottumwa,â?? said Tom Sisler, Ottumwa YMCA Executive Director.

After the unveiling of the peace pole, there was a ribbon cutting at the YMCAâ??s front entrance to rededicate the YMCA as an International Peace Site.