Ottumwans construct new playground at Wildwood Park

Mountains of mulch, tons of concrete, 350 volunteers and six hours is what it took to build a new playground in Ottumwa Friday.

Starting aroun 9:00 Friday morning, the community came together to construct a new playground at Wildwood Park.

The project was a collaboration between the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, the non-profit organization "Kaboom" and the City of Ottumwa.

The playground is part of Dr. Pepper's â??Letâ??s Play" campaign, which has built or refurbished 2,000 playgrounds in the past three years.

All it took to add Ottumwa to that list was a phone call.

â??So I talked to city officials, Chris Cobbler is the Parks Department Manager, so I called Chris, I have known Chris for a long time, many years, and said what do you think? He said absolutely so thatâ??s when we got the ball rolling,â?? said Matt Rose, DPSG Ottumwa Branch Manager.

Rose said Wildwood Park was chosen because it clearly was in need of some play space for kids, and many of those kids helped with the design of the playground.

Ottumwa City Council member Matt Dalbey, his wife Melanie and son Spencer also helped out Friday.

Dalbey said the effort made the city look good.

"It says a whole lot it makes me feel great what you saw today was different city departments coming together you had police officers firemen, teachers you had city council members city administration everybody got to work got their ties and jackets off and got working and got this done,â?? said Dalbey.

The only downside is that the playground won't be ready for use during what looks to be a beautiful Father's Day weekend.

The playground will be safe for kids on Monday around 11:00 a.m.