Ottumwans enjoy beautiful weekend temperatures

Ottumwans enjoy the beautiful weekend temperatures. Many residents went outside for fun activities like biking, skateboarding and golfing.

Spring is finally in full bloom.

Ottumwa residents have been itching to get outside, and finally enjoy some nice weather. A lot of Ottumwa residents have flocked to the streets with their bikes, and skate boards. The weather instantly boosted the golf interest at the Ottumwa Country Club as well sending a surge of golfers outside to enjoy the new weather.

"It's definitely getting busier," Ottumwa Country Club employee Jacob Gardner said. "I mean, the regular groups are coming out a lot more. You always have the people like the eight o'clock groups, and the twelve o'clock and all those people. So, you see them a lot more now that the weather is nicer."

Get out while you can. Vanessa predicts some rain in our near future.