Ottumwans voice opinion on Pennsylvania Avenue project

Citizens were able to share their opinions about the upcoming Pennsylvania Ave project.

The project would widen and reconstruct the street from the Jefferson Street intersection all the way to Brentwood Drive.

Residents of Elm Street were particularly concerned about the street being used as a detour.

They said the increased traffic would bring about a safety concern.

Businesses were also worried about the construction and how it would affect their customers.

The project will be completed in three phases.

It was set to begin on March 31st, but mother nature pushed the start date back.

"Given the winter conditions that we've had, the excessive depth of frost--we're going to push that back two weeks," said Dan Sturm, city engineer. "April 14th is the tentative start date. The utility companies, I believe, have started out there today, but they are behind given the frost. So we're going to give them an extra two weeks before we start the project. That should allow a little ample time to get their stuff relocated and not hold up our job."

The project will cost around $2.5 million.

The city hopes to finish it in October.