Ottumwa's Blake Smith running for State Representative

Tuesday's Republican Caucus wasn't the end of politics in 2012, it was just the beginning.

And for one Ottumwa native, its the beginning of a political career.

Blake Smith announced his intention to run for the Iowa house.

Smith is a graduate of Ottumwa High School and Indian Hills Community College.

He is running for State Representative in district 81 against incumbent Democrat Mary Gaskill.

"Current representation, I feel, doesn't have a good ear of the public. I think we need a representative who can take the issues and hit them head on in Des Moines. Also, our politicians create this political future for our youth, and the youth doesn't have that much to say. So, I think me running hopefully can bridge that gap between youth and the politicians," said Smith.

One of the items that Smith wants to focus on, if elected, include reducing the amount of unemployment.

"As far as unemployment goes, we need someone from this district who could go and create longer lasting careers, not just hire and quit jobs. And, in-turn lower the tax and regulations on business owners in order to create that environment," said Smith.

Blake Smith plans on creating a website in the coming weeks so that the public can learn more about him. Until then, Smith is asking that you contact him through his e-mail at