Ottumwa's first Fourth of July Jamboree

A booth set up at the Jamboree informing people on the Naval Air Station restoration project

It may have been a hot one on Wednesday but the heat didnâ??t stop people from celebrating the Fourth of July outside at Ottumwaâ??s first Fourth of July celebration at the Jimmy Jones shelter at the Greater Ottumwa Park.

â??A family event for families to come down, enjoy some music, some food -- of course beach body BBQ's here doing some pulled pork and some beans -- and we got people here selling kettle corn and stuff so it's just a good family event. There's actually, considering the heat, thereâ??s a lot of people here.

All the proceeds from the event are gong towards restoring an historic landmark in Ottumwa.

â??So we're in the process of restoring the administration building that was part of the Naval Air Station in Ottumwa. We're gong to put in an air and space museum in there. And so the profits from today are going to go towards accomplishing that,â?? said Stephen Black, Friends of Naval Air Station Ottumwa.

The event was a day to bring the community together and celebrate Americaâ??s birthday.

â??I think it just shows people we're willing to support things and get out and definitely support projects in their community and we love to see them here. By the way it's looking right now I canâ??t wait to do it next year; we're pretty happy with it. So hopefully we can actually get some more things here in the park throughout the year. Not just on the 4th of July but it'd be nice to be able to do something once a month in here even for just one day, just a couple of bands and stuff -- just give people something to do,â?? said Brian Morgan, event organizer.