Ottumwa's Race for the Cure will not take place in 2014

Ottumwa's annual fundraiser for breast cancer research will not be taking place in 2014.

The Race for the Cure board said they just lack the manpower and volunteers in key positions such as marketing, public relations and sponsorship to put on the event this year. Additionally, the complexity of registering for the race and everything involved behind the scenes of the event has increased each year.

With that in mind, organizers decided the best option was to wait until they could put on an event they, the community, participants, survivors and those battling cancer can be proud of.

"We don't want to forget the purpose of why we're having it," said Tom Shafer, Race Chair. "And we're having the event to help people who need exams, that need some procedures done, maybe for breast cancer, or just to the education of it. That's the purpose of what we do and take that money and give it to a ten-county area."

Postponing the race will also likely mean the survivor's breakfast in April will be canceled, but the board is looking at other options to fundraise and honor those affected by cancer in our area.

"We're going to do something during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we're talking to a national speaker about coming in and we'll be working with our sponsors, who have been very supportive in the announcement," said Gayla Harrison, Board President.

For now, the board plans to focus on restructuring and getting everything organized for the next race in the spring of 2015. Harrison also said the board is working with Komen Iowa, the national organization's branch based in Des Moines, to help relieve some of the administrative burdens.