Ottumwa's Red Speed out of order

OPD's Red Speed vehicle overheated on Sunday/KTVO

Ottumwa’s Red Speed car will be out of service for the next couple of days.

The return of warm temperatures caused the vehicle to overheat Sunday.

It was parked on Wapello Street near Greater Ottumwa Park.

Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew said there was some steam coming out from under the hood, but the vehicle was not on fire.

The department started the Red Speed Program about a year ago as an effort to reduce speeding violations.

McAndrew said the program has been effective so far.

“Based on what we see, it looks like people are slowing down because they know the vehicle’s out there,” McAndrew said.

He added that the vehicle will be out of order until it is cleared by a mechanic, which could take a few days.

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