Ottumwaâ??s victory bell still missing, scrap dealers made aware

Police continue to search for the Ottumwa Victory bell which was stolen over the holiday break.

The iconic bell was stolen from the Ottumwa Community School Districtâ??s storage facility located on Gateway Drive.

Police continue to work with community members and businesses in locating who is responsible for the theft; and also making sure that it is not turned in for scrap.

â??We have contracted most of the scrap yards in the state and asked for them to keep an eye out for this metal from the bell,â?? said Lt. Tom McAndrew with the Ottumwa Police Department. â??Also, we participate in a program called theft alert and scrap alert. It is basically a bulletin that goes out to the participating scrap yards around the country that describes items that are stolen and puts them on the lookout for the material. So, hopefully between all the calls that we have made to the scrap yards and the alert that we have put out, someone will call us if someone tries to sell the bell.â??

Anyone is asked to call the Ottumwa Police Department if they have information leading to those responsible for taking the victory bell.