Outdoor amphitheater almost complete in Milan

Similar photo to what the amphitheater roof will look like.

For a number of months Milan has been watching the birth of its brand new amphitheater. A few months ago, KTVO was there as the vacant building that stood on the south side of the town square was demolished.

Now, construction for the amphitheater is almost complete. The amphitheater will have a stage with a three foot high concrete slab with a metal structure roof. Seating will be tiered down.

Milan City Administrator Jim Onello said it has been a long process, but well worth it. â??It's been a little bit frustrating,â?? Onello said. â??We had no cooperation from the weather. And obviously we hoped to have the amphitheater in place, but we want to make sure we do it right. Something that Milan residents and the community can be proud of.â??

Onello said he also hopes the amphitheater will draw people from other communities to Milan.